Tim and Niki love God and love His church. They have been investing into local churches since they were teenagers, serving Jesus. For the last 12 years Tim has had the privilege of serving at their amazing church home, CFC Seaton. During this time he has been leading in various roles, including Youth & Young Adults Pastor, Associate Pastor also a member of CFC Churches Board of Elders. His strong leadership and preaching/teaching gifts are expressed with warmth, wisdom and kindness and a genuine desire to see people grow in every aspect of life. 

Niki has served in various roles within the church, including worship teams, creative arts academy and community outreach. She has also flourished as a professional Violinist and ministered to many people through her gift of music.  

While sipping coffee at McCafe (post Bible College lectures), a young Tim and Niki would share with one another their individual dreams of one day planting a church.  God gave them a shared vision for a significant church, even before they officially started dating! This united vision - for many people to encounter Jesus' presence, become family and share about Him in their every day lives - was birthed in the hearts of two teenagers, way back then. 

Over 15 years later, God has moved on Tim and Niki's hearts, to step out with their three gorgeous children, Amarie, Josiah and Jude to establish this very same church they'd dreamed about - in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide (one of the most secular areas of our nation!) 

"We really believe that the message of Jesus is good news for all people; a message that brings freedom, love and hope. CFC South is a church family centred on Jesus; a spiritual home to precious people; a place of healing, belonging and equipping for many across this beautiful part of our city. We are thrilled to embark on this new adventure God has called us to and we invite you to seek the Lord as to whether He is calling you to step out in this faith venture too. We would love to meet you personally, hear some of your story.”.


Tim + Niki

Pastor Tim and Niki Lochens

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